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Air hose breaker hoses, pneumatic drill, crusher, pneumatic hammer.
2, for a variety of pneumatic tools hose, compressor hose (pneumatic wrench, air-driven machine, gun, etc.) can be used for paint spray paint tank with a hose (spray paint, diluted solvent dedicated), pump.
3 families with low-pressure gas pipe (gas stove, water heater).


Shenzhen Lai Sheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a enterprise specializing in the production of polyurethane Pneumatic hose. PU trachea, also manufactures PVC double pipe, nylon (PA) tube, PU double pipe, EVA tubes, plastic bones, PE pipe, etc., and also provides for various types of non-standard hose. The product is suitable for senior footwear, pneumatic, hydraulic, plumbing ware, as well as handbags, toys products. In view of the increasing market requirements on product quality and product segmentation positioning diversified development trend, the Ming Hao adhere genuine 95A DUROMETER POLYURETHANE raw material production, product assuran... 【 View Details
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